The Lady Amélie Jakobovits Campus

British Values and smsc


At Menorah High we believe that every student has the right to outstanding SMSC and British Values provision.  We ensure that students are given opportunities across the school to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding.  The promotion of fundamental British values, including tolerance and respect for all, ensures students make a positive contribution to life in modern Britain and gain a sense of what it means to be British. 

Below are some of the ways in which SMSC and British Values are promoted throughout the school.  The following are just a few examples and should be seen as an indication of our approach rather than an exhaustive list.​


 The Curriculum (both Secular and Kodesh)

  • Form time
  • Assemblies
  • Displays
  • Educational Visits
  • Achdus (getting to know one another) trips for each year group
  • Circle time
  • Careers and work experience programme
  • Oratory sessions in the sixth form
  • Rosh Chodesh celebrations
  • School performances
  • Team work within lessons and extra-curricular activities
  • Charitable activities


The exploration of British Values cuts right across our curriculum and wider school life.  Our aim is that our students are fully prepared for life in British society and to take on their role as good citizens.

We provide an education which focuses on the formation of the whole person and on our purpose in life and how to help others.


  • School Council and Student Leadership
  • Involving students in decision making
  • Taking part in discussions and debates
  • Ensuring students are listened to by adults
  • Holding mock elections
  • Form time sessions on Parliament and Local Government
  • Ensuring that students are encouraged to use their voice across the curriculum through collaborative working, responding to teach feedback, careful questioning by staff and classroom dialogue
  • Ensuring all students are given opportunity to access the curriculum

The Rule of Law

  • Clear behaviour policy
  • Visits from outside speakers, including the police service, to reinforce the message of right and wrong and the consequences which arise when laws are broken
  • Liaising with outside agencies and support services
  • Emphasising our religious laws and how to put them into action
  • Exploring issues such as morality, truthfulness and forgiveness

Individual Liberty

  • Providing a safe, secure and supportive environment to enable students to make independent choices
  • Encouraging students to be independent in their learning
  • Providing students with opportunities for reflection
  • An ethos and culture based on mutual respect
  • Reinforcing the value of everyone’s opinion in class discussions
  • Having an effective anti-bullying policy
  • Emphasising in Kodesh lessons that every person is unique and ‘created in the image and likeness of G-d’
  • Remembrance Day Activities
  • Taking part in voluntary activities and giving to charity
  • Buddy System
  • General Organiser system (responsibilities in sixth form)

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different Faiths and Beliefs and for those without Faith

  • Behaviour policy and Code of Conduct
  • Clear guidance on use of technology and cyberbullying
  • The curriculum which helps students and students to learn about a wide range of people, cultures and beliefs and so develops their ability to be confident in their own identity and understand and respect those of others
  • Students are taught the knowledge and skills to broaden the choices they are empowered to make about future work, travel and education
  • Form time and Kodesh sessions on exploring relationships with oneself and others
  • The Kodesh curriculum provides students with a deep understanding of the concept of faith and belief
  • Focussing on rights and responsibilities
  • Form time sessions on discrimination, stereotypes and special needs